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Free IDE for website developers

NetBeans IDE is a free integrated development environment to create programs. Multiple programming languages are available to code in like C++, Java, PHP, etc. The Apache Software Foundation and Oracle Corporation are the developers of NetBeans.

Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, PhpStorm, and Visual Studio Code are alternatives to the NetBeans download. Eclipse, IntelliJ, and NetBeans are mainly used to create Java applications, while PhpStorm is primarily made to develop PHP apps. Visual Studio Code does not specialize in a single scripting language. All the IDEs are cross-platform aside from VSC.

What is NetBeans IDE used for?

NetBeans IDE is used for building programs online. You can develop applications by creating projects and files. A file can be called a class. Either one or multiple files are in a single project. You will need to start a new project to begin building applications, which is possible by clicking on the tan folder and green plus sign icon.

You can also create a new project with the ‘File’ tab. A window will appear to let you customize. The first step lets you establish the type of project you want to build. Two panels are available to choose from: the ‘Categories’ section includes Java, JavaFX, and Maven, and the ‘Projects’ panel includes another list. A brief description will appear when you highlight each category in the list. 

The second step lets you decide on a name and location for the project. A project name should not include spaces between words, but multiple words can be written beside each other. You can change the default destination by tapping ‘Browse’ to look through your directory.

‘Create Main Class’ will build code for you when you keep the setting checked. You can uncheck the command to write your own code. Your project will be created after you press the ‘Finish’ button and will appear in the upper left panel. 

The next development step is to set up a new file. ‘Java Class’ in the context menu lets you make a new file that you can name. The associated project will be listed beneath the class name. You can click on ‘Finish’ when you confirm the class and it will be saved to the correct project.

How to use of NetBeans?

NetBeans has a clean user interface with four main sections. All the areas are tabbed to let you work on multiple items at once. A list of your projects and files will appear in the upper left corner. Each project will have an addition sign that you can expand to see the files that are included.

The ‘Navigator’ area will display an outline of the methods in a highlighted program. The text editor lets you write code and you can conveniently do this with code completion. NetBeans includes a spell checker, formatting, and highlighting features. You can manage your text editor preferences in the ‘Options’ section of the ‘Tools’ tab.

The purpose of the editor is to print feedback to the ‘Output’. The ‘Run’ tab lets you run your code to the ‘Output’ window by tapping ‘Run File’. Code that is written inside of the ‘main’ method will be run. However, error messages will appear when code is written incorrectly, while success notifications will be at the end of the feedback when your script is written successfully. The IDE features a debugger that lets you step through your code while you run the project.

The project will save automatically after you run your code. Or, you can click the ‘Save’ image in the icon bar. Additionally, you can save and send your project to someone else who does not have NetBeans with the ‘Build Project’ in the ‘Run’ tab.

Full suite of programming tools

NetBeans IDE is a solution stack for website developers that will install the base IDE. Additional packs include Java SE, Java EE, HTML5 JavaScript, and PHP. The first page of the installer lets you customize your installation package. While NetBeans is written in Java, you can use a variety of scripting languages to create your apps.

What’s new?

NetBeans receives new software updates consistently. New plugins are added to the platform for you to use. You can download NetBeans for Apple macOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows PC operating systems.

NetBeans IDE is an integrated development environment used as a tool for programmers to edit, compile, debug, and deploy programs. NetBeans primarily focuses on Java development, but can also support other programming languages. NetBeans itself is written in Java, which means that it will run on any operating system where Java is available (Windows, Linux, Solaris, OpenVMS, Mac OS X).

It is a free product developed under open source license, with no restrictions on its usage. NetBeans IDE is a modular IDE, and plenty of free and commercial add-ons are available for it, supporting a wide variety of technologies. The core of NetBeans IDE, the NetBeans Platform, can also be used separately, to build any kind of application. Most applications have common requirements such as menus, document management, settings, and so on.


  • Clean UI
  • Cross platform
  • Updated frequently
  • Full tech stack for developers
  • Multiple programming languages


  • Default settings have the software write your code

Program available in other languages

NetBeans IDE for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 15
  • 3.6

  • Security Status

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    IDE compares.
    I've been using netbeans for a while and I've tried other ides like eclipse (it's like it but much more simple to handle), IntelliJ IDEA and many more but netbeans is the best.
    Pros: Easy to use
    Local backup
    Abilit More


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